Welcome to Di'Rose Cattery

Kittens Available Now...Adorable Bundles of Purr!
GC Di'Rose Fire Storm

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we have dedicated ourselves to the Himalayan and Persian cat.
From the distinctive lines of the tabby, the softness of the solids, to the distinguishing characteristics of the Himalayans, we strive to produce cats that meet the CFA Persian and Himalayan standard.

Our goal is to breed cats with cobby bodies, heavy boning and long flowing coats as well as round, deep blue or copper eyes.
Our cats are well socialized to provide a lifetime of loving companionship

We hope you enjoy your visit.  Be sure to bookmark our site and check back periodically to view updated pictures of our available kittens as well as to catch up on the latest happenings at the shows.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.